Cradle Lacrosse April 8 - May 13, 2018

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Cradle Lacrosse


The Ultimate Introduction to the Sport

NXT's Cradle Lacrosse teaches basic skills in a one-of-a-kind, unrivaled environment. Cradle's six-week program focuses on building players' confidence and having success through its unique curriculum that allows kids to be introduced to lacrosse in a fun, unique way. 

NXT's passionate coaching staff breaks it down for kids by combining lessons with activities and games to reinforce skills.

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Cradling & Grip

  • Players will discover the proper way to hold the stick: Grip Form, 1 hand & 2 hand
  • Players will utilize their understanding of how to cradle while going full speed and half speed
  • Players will learn tips to maintain control of the ball while moving at different speeds
  • For more advanced players: encourage them to try more difficult skills (Cradling with 1 hand, boys put shields up and girls work on stick protection)

Scooping & Ground Balls

  • Players will discover and demonstrate successful techniques for scooping groundballs
  • Players will use verbal communication amongst themselves, and will be asked to reflect on the importance of communication with teammates
  • For more advanced players: encourage players to attempt more difficult groundballs and scoops that are first demonstrated by the coaches

Throwing & Catching

  • Players will observe coaches as they model proper techniques of throwing, catching, and communication
  • Players will learn and demonstrate proper techniques for throwing and catching - Power Foot, Telescope Aiming, and following through
  • Players will acquire the skills to shoot different types of shots and will repeat them at full speed
  • For more advanced players: encourage players to attempt more difficult passes and catches that are first demonstrated by the coaches

Dodging & Moves

  • Players will be able to experiment with and learn the different ways to avoid the defense when carrying the ball
  • Players will utilize their knowledge of cradling to practice their different dodges at full speed
  • Dodges/moves - Roll dodge, face dodge, stutter step, and split dodge
  • More advanced players: encouraged to try various dodges and moves outside of the three general dodges taught

Defense & Footwork

  • Players will discuss the concept of defense in and individual sports.
  • Players will apply their previous knowledge of defense as they integrate new skills and tips for playing defense.
  • Players will get the chance to play defense on each other.
  • More advanced players are encouraged to challenge themselves within the drills, focus on footwork, defensive communication and reference dodges from previous week. 

Cumulative Skills

  • Players will recognize situations and be able to react, using the skills that have been taught, learned, and practiced over the previous weeks.
  • Players will demonstrate their understanding as they recall and perform these skills at full speed.
  • Players will be asked to reflect on their growth since the first session and on their favorite activities or games at Cradle Lacrosse.
  • More advanced players are encouraged to incorporate all the previous weeks of skills into every drill/game of the session today.

What You'll Learn

  • Proper hold and grip of a stick
  • Cradle, scoop, catch, and throw
  • Dodging and stick protection
  • Shooting form and technique
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Teamwork and sportsmanship


Marty Kupprion

Director of NXT LC Youth / Head Coach, NXT 2024

Theresa Giunta

Manager of NXT Girls Lacrosse Youth Education and Teams, Head Coach 9U


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