Cradle Lacrosse April 8 - May 13, 2018

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Cradle Lacrosse


The Ultimate Introduction to the Sport

NXT's Cradle Lacrosse teaches basic skills in a one-of-a-kind, unrivaled environment. Cradle's six-week program focuses on building players' confidence and having success through its unique curriculum that allows kids to be introduced to lacrosse in a fun, unique way. 

*NEW THIS YEAR! We are excited to add Cradle Lacrosse at La Salle College High School this spring season! Learn how to scoop a ground ball, dodge around a defender and shoot like a pro!  We finish each session by using our skills in our favorite Cradle games! NXT's passionate coaching staff breaks it down for kids by combining lessons with activities and games to reinforce skills.

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Cradling & Grip

  • Players will discover the proper way to hold the stick: Grip Form, 1 hand & 2 hand
  • Players will utilize their understanding of how to cradle while going full speed and half speed
  • Players will learn tips to maintain control of the ball while moving at different speeds
  • For more advanced players: encourage them to try more difficult skills (Cradling with 1 hand, boys put shields up and girls work on stick protection)

Scooping & Ground Balls

  • Players will discover and demonstrate successful techniques for scooping groundballs
  • Players will use verbal communication amongst themselves, and will be asked to reflect on the importance of communication with teammates
  • For more advanced players: encourage players to attempt more difficult groundballs and scoops that are first demonstrated by the coaches

Throwing & Catching

  • Players will observe coaches as they model proper techniques of throwing, catching, and communication
  • Players will learn and demonstrate proper techniques for throwing and catching - Power Foot, Telescope Aiming, and following through
  • Players will acquire the skills to shoot different types of shots and will repeat them at full speed
  • For more advanced players: encourage players to attempt more difficult passes and catches that are first demonstrated by the coaches

Dodging & Moves

  • Players will be able to experiment with and learn the different ways to avoid the defense when carrying the ball
  • Players will utilize their knowledge of cradling to practice their different dodges at full speed
  • Dodges/moves - Roll dodge, face dodge, stutter step, and split dodge
  • More advanced players: encouraged to try various dodges and moves outside of the three general dodges taught

Defense & Footwork

  • Players will discuss the concept of defense in and individual sports.
  • Players will apply their previous knowledge of defense as they integrate new skills and tips for playing defense.
  • Players will get the chance to play defense on each other.
  • More advanced players are encouraged to challenge themselves within the drills, focus on footwork, defensive communication and reference dodges from previous week. 

Cumulative Skills

  • Players will recognize situations and be able to react, using the skills that have been taught, learned, and practiced over the previous weeks.
  • Players will demonstrate their understanding as they recall and perform these skills at full speed.
  • Players will be asked to reflect on their growth since the first session and on their favorite activities or games at Cradle Lacrosse.
  • More advanced players are encouraged to incorporate all the previous weeks of skills into every drill/game of the session today.

What You'll Learn

  • Proper hold and grip of a stick
  • Cradle, scoop, catch, and throw
  • Dodging and stick protection
  • Shooting form and technique
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Teamwork and sportsmanship


Marty Kupprion

Director of NXT LC Youth / Head Coach, NXT 2024

Theresa Giunta

Manager of NXT Girls Lacrosse Youth Education and Teams, Head Coach 9U


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La Salle College High School

8605 W Cheltenham Ave
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