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NXT Boys Lacrosse Club - High School


We Develop Lacrosse Players


Our club teams develop and challenge elite players who are committed to lacrosse year-round. Our deliberate one-team-per-grade model provides a boutique experience for each player. Expert coaches, modern curricula, elite competition and professionalism are infused into each NXTlacrosse club team.


Our five-step approach to the total lacrosse player
1. Fundamentals | Building our foundation by training relentlessly year-round
2. Team strategies and playing an essential role within a team system (90% Rule)
3. Position-specific skills, knowledge and strategies
4. Make the best decisions in fast-paced game scenarios | Play Fast Teach in 3’s method
5. Intangibles | Leadership, hustle, coachability, competitive spirit, and being an energy raiser



OPEN TRYOUTS for our boys youth teams (2021-2026) were held on August 20 & 21 at the Proving Grounds in Conshohocken.

OPEN TRYOUTS for our NXT 2020 high school team were held on August 27 & 28, also at the Proving Grounds.

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NXT 2018 Philly Summer Invitational

NXT LC Family Meetings

Highlight of the Week - NXT 2018 TJ Malone's BTB Game Winner

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Active Boys High School Teams:

We also have one elite youth team per graduation year for 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 boys 


We have just one elite team per grade, from high school down to third grade. Each team trains and competes year-round. 


For our third through eighth grade teams, we have open tryouts each year. Once you make the NXT high school team in ninth grade, that group and their coaches stay together for the remainder of high school. 


Head Coaches: 

NXT 2017: Marty Kupprion

NXT 2018: Mike Podgajny

NXT 2019: Brett Manney

NXT 2020: Chris Williams


Marty Kupprion | Director of Boys Lacrosse /
Casey Kellogg | Director of Lacrosse Operations /
Bill Leahy | Director of Guidance /
Brett Manney | Vice President of Sales and Recruiting /
Peter Lawrence | Chief Operating Officer at NXT Sports /
Andy Hayes | Chief Executive Officer at NXT Sports /

"More Than A Club"


When you commit to our NXT lacrosse team, you commit to the full year. It is vital that attendance at practices and tournaments is taken seriously in order to build team camaraderie, chemistry and consistency. We use the area’s most elite facilities for all of our programming; the Proving Grounds in Conshohocken (fall/summer) and Main Line Sports Center in Berwyn (winter). United Sports in Downingtown is a main venue for many of our events.


With experience coaching, teaching, and developing youth, our handpicked staff is committed to NXT and the growth of our players. All coaches are background-checked and PA Act 153 compliant.


NXT runs the best events in the country, so our club players get access to the nation’s top events, showcases, tournaments, and educational programming.


From NXT picnics at the Navy Yard to team-bonding activities, when you’re part of NXT, you become part of our family. We want to get to know you and your family and become a part of your journey as you develop into college. We hold meetings with our players and parents each year to discuss progress, strengths and areas for improvement, academics, future goals and action plans to achieve those goals.


NXT follows careful safety procedures at all practices and events. All coaches must be PA Act 153-certified. We also have an athletic trainer on site for every practice, monitor weather and send text alert updates.


With a full-time Communications Coordinator on staff, we cover our players and teams in the NXTWatch blog. From college commitments and tournament highlights, to high school games and awards, we make sure to hype up our NXT Family!


Not only do we take care of our athletes in house, we also have partner- ships with Nike, Gatorade and Next Level Video. From fresh gear to safety on and off the field, we have you covered!


NXT’s partnership with Next Level Video gives our players access to high-quality video packages at discounted prices. NLV’s footage and highlight videos are the best in the business. Players can use NLV’s footage to get an updated highlight reel after each season.


NXT is our full-time job! We want to make the experience matter for every player. From safety, communications, college guidance, recruiting help, and media coverage, our kids are supported both on and off the field with 31 full-time employees.


Our staff has created a guidebook for the college process to help each family better understand the process and support their discussions and unique journeys through the college search. 


Next Level Video is the best in the game, and players and coaches in our club have access to HD quality footage of every game that we play! 


Check out the most recent highlights of our players here.


Mitch Moyer - Attack, Archmere Academy (2019)

Cameron Fiore - Goalie, Seton Hall Prep (2018)

Matt Logan - Defense, Conestoga (2018)

Owen Banavitch - Midfield, Great Valley (2018)

Connor Ringwalt - Attack, Episcopal Academy (2017)

College Placement

For us, "it's not when, it's where."

Check out our commitment page here.

Our 2016 class helped us make history with our first signing night. Learn more about them here.

NXT LC at the Nexl Level blog posts:

The Division I Experience

The Division III Experience


The Guidebook was developed to give families a complete and thorough overview of everything that we pride ourselves on at NXT. 

Table of Contents

  • Opening Letter
  • NXT Lacrosse Club History Timeline
  • Player Development Model
  • More Than a Club
  • Year-Round Training
  • NXT’s Recruiting Opportunities
  • Facilities
  • Safety Initiative
  • Directing Staff
  • Coaching Staff
  • Social Media and Web