NXT 2018 Matt Marker Commits to Lehigh

Marty Kupprion
NXT Sports
Jul 30, 2017

Matthew Marker, 2018 Attackman

College Commitment:  Lehigh University, Class of 2022

High School: Allentown Central Catholic High School, Class of 2018

Current Club Team: NXT LC 2018

Former Teams: Skyhawks


On the dream to play for Lehigh University: “I’ve had a lot of family go there so I’ve been familiar with the school since I was young. Being from the area, I grew up going to every single home game and going to the camps and everything. I became close with some of the players and Coach Cassese so it quickly became a dream of mine to be a Mountain Hawk.”

On his youth lacrosse days: “I started playing when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. My cousin, Adam Blair, actually introduced me to the sport and I took a liking to it right away. Being a smaller kid, I really focused on my stick skills and being a student of the game. I played for the Skyhawks tournament teams in Lehigh Valley growing up where I was always the youngest and smallest on the team which drove me to work hard. I had some great coaches there like Lou Gonzales, Zach Nelson and Sam Cunard who actually played for Lehigh.”

On his high school career: “I’ve loved every second of it. I’m really close with the guys on the team both on and off the field. We all have great chemistry and get along which makes playing together easy. Head coach Dan Dolphin does a great job of developing us as players and as a team and always keeps up together. Coach Geoff Chenworth is our defensive coach and is big on preparations for each game and always has us ready to compete. They are the perfect leaders for us and it really shows.’

On playing high school in Lehigh Valley: “When I was young the talent in the area really started to pick up. I formed a great bond with kids from the area and it has made the competition heat up. I have a lot of friends who play for Parkland and it has been a great rivalry playing against those guys. This year we got the best of them so we have traded jabs back and forth but it’s all in good fun.”

On his patience in the recruiting process: “Playing at Lehigh was always a dream of mine since I was young. There were a couple other schools in the mix but Lehigh was always the goal and always in the back of my mind. I saw other guys start to commit and it was tough but I just kept working hard and stayed focus on Lehigh. I know guys from the area like Ralphie Shields who walked on and Mike Sisselberger who is a friend of mine so it will be nice to play with them at the next level. “

On working hard to be ready for Lehigh's academics: “I’ve always been one work hard in school, as it doesn’t always come easy to me. As a freshman I realized how strong Lehigh was academically and how hard I would have to work to be able to get in. I’m hoping to major in marketing or supply chain management as my cousins who went to Lehigh studied the same field and got jobs right after school and are doing well for themselves.”

On his time with NXT: “I was originally going to just try out for Dukes and HHH but then I decided to tryout with NXT and right after the tryout I knew it was where I wanted to play and I didn’t even tryout for other teams. The coaches really went the extra mile with everything and helped a ton with recruiting and coaching. I’m really close with all the guys on the team both on and off the field. There’s no groups or cliques or anything and we have a group chat that never stops. The chemistry we all have really shows on the field and I think is a big reason why we have all been so successful and been winning tournaments.”


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