NXTgirls Lacrosse


NXTsports offers educational, energetic, and fast-paced lacrosse programs for 3rd through 8th grade girls. Our skills clinics, camps and developmental club team are all innovative programs that develop girls' fundamental skills and expose them to new concepts of the game, all while having fun. 

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NXTgirls Developmental Club Team


Episcopal Academy Summer Camp


Skill Development

Perfecting the fundamentals is essential in taking your game to the next level. Our programs focus on the following skills with progressive layers of difficulty added each week.

  • Cradling
  • Catching & throwing
  • Ground balls
  • Dodging

Lacrosse IQ

Our programs will develop players' confidence and teach them how to become a full-field threat. Players will develop a strong understanding of the following concepts: 

  • Off-ball movement
  • Defensive & offensive tactics
  • Body positioning
  • Stick positioning